Air Transportation

South east Saskatchewan has access to both regional and International air transportation. Two regional airports are located in Weyburn and Estevan. There are eleven community airports and one private airstrip. The south east also has access to the Regina International airport, a 2 to a 2 1/2 hour drive from most areas of the region.  These facilities provide services ranging from short passenger commutes and transportation for business executives, to freight and support services and crop dusting for the agricultural industry.

Regional Airports in Southeast Saskatchewan

With the exception of the Regina International Airport, the 3 most commonly used airports in the southeast are Estevan, Weyburn and Carlyle.  Estevan Regional Airport can accommodate up to Boeing 727, Hercules and Dash 8 aircraft and the runway has a maximum load factor of 9.  Aircrafts such as these are rare in the south east giving way too smaller 10-20 passengers airplanes used by business travellers, companies shipping and receiving freight, individuals flying small craft for recreational and business purposes, commercial and private flight training courses, and numerous other activities.

Estevan Regional Airport

Estevan Regional Airport is located approximately six kilometres north of Estevan on Highway #49. The airport has two airstrips, one 1,525 metres (5,000 ft) and the other 914 metres (3,000 ft.). The runways are asphalt surfaced and lighted. Both also have wind socks and markers. The facility has three hangars which are currently running at full capacity with 18 aircrafts. There is a waiting area for arriving and departing passengers, and taxi service into Estevan.

Contact – Southeast Aviation Services at (306) 634-8668

Weyburn Municipal Airport

Weyburn Municipal Airport is located two kilometres east and two kilometres north of Weyburn city limits. The airport averages about 96 flights per month and includes Pan Canadian Petroleum, RCMP, Air Ambulance, crop spraying, a new parachute club, commercial charters, and recreational flying.

The airport has two asphalt surfaced runways, 914 metres (3,000 ft.) and 1,219 metres (4,000 ft.). Both runways are lit and have windsocks and airstrip markers. The facility is equipped with both hangars and outdoor craft storage. There is a designated area for departing and arriving passengers and there is transportation into the city.

Contact – The City of Weyburn, Tom Kerr at (306) 842-1466

Community Airports & Airstrips

Most community airports/airstrips service local area needs. These facilities are utilized primarily by farmers and pilots for crop dusting activities and recreational flyers who fly locally on their own or with a club. Most of the aircraft at these airports are privately owned.

Arcola Airport

Located three kilometres west of Arcola Saskatchewan on Highway #13, Arcola Airport has two airstrips. One is 556 metres (1,825 ft) of turf and clay, the other is 682 metres (2,239 ft) of turf. The airstrips are not lit, however there are windsocks and strip markers. The Town of Arcola operates the facility.

Contact – Ken McMillian at (306) 455-2212 or (306) 577-7500

Carlyle Airport

Located two kilometres east of the Town of Carlyle on Highway #13, the Carlyle Airport has one asphalt surfaced airstrip 953 metres (3,125 ft.) in length. The strip is lit, however the tower is not. Windsocks and markers are in place along the strip. Storage is available for craft both in hangars and outside. The facility also has a waiting area for planing and deplaning passengers.

Contact the Town of Carlyle at (306) 453-2363

Estevan/Bryant Airport

Located 30 kilometres north west of Estevan, Saskatchewan, the Estevan/Bryant Airport consists of two turf surfaced airstrips, one 823 metres (2,700 ft.) in length, the other 457 metres (1,500 ft.). Windsocks indicate direction, storage for craft is provided outside.

Contact the RM of Benson, M. Monteyne at (306) 634-6315

Estevan (South) Airport

The original Estevan airport is still utilized today. Located 9.3 kilometres south of Estevan, Estevan (South) Airport features two airstrips. The first strip is 675 metres (2,215 ft.) turf surface, while the second strip is surfaced with turf and earth and is 741 metres (2,430 ft.) in length. Windsocks indicate direction and there are two hangars on-site. There is also a designated area for passengers to wait.

Contact Blue Sky Air Ltd. at (306) 639-9490

Fillmore Airport

The Fillmore Airport is located eight kilometres south east of the Village of Fillmore on Highway #39. It consists of one airstrip with a turf surface and is 884 metres (2,900 ft.) in length. There are windsock designators and limited exterior storage for aircraft.

Contact R. Boll at (306) 722-3867

Kipling Airport

Kipling Airport is located immediately to the south of Kipling, Saskatchewan on Highway #48. Its one asphalt surfaced runway is 914 metres (3,000 ft.) in length and is lighted. The strip has windsocks and markers with limited onsite storage for aircraft.

Contact the Town of Kipling at (306) 736-2515

Lampman Airport

Lampman Airport, located at Lampman, Saskatchewan on Highway #361, has one asphalt/turf surfaced runway. The runway is 914 metres (3,000 ft.) in length and is lighted. The runway also has windsocks and strip markers. Limited storage for aircraft exists on-site.

Contact the Lampman Pilot’s Club, Earl Kickley at (306) 487-2453 or (306) 487-2462

Oxbow Airport

The Oxbow Airport is located two kilometres west of Oxbow, Saskatchewan on Highway #18. Its one airstrip is 808 metres (2,650 ft.) in length and turf/clay surfaced. Windsock designators indicate wind direction.

Contact the Town of Oxbow, (306) 483-2300

Pangman Airport

Located outside of Pangman to the west on Highway #13, the Pangman Airport has one turf surfaced airstrip that is 793 metres (2,600 ft.) in length with windsock indicators.

Contact the Rural Municipality of Norton at (306) 442-2131, Wilfred Pingert at (306) 442-2152

Radville Airport

Located two kilometres east of Radville, Saskatchewan, and  consists of one turf surfaced airstrip 754 metres (2,475 ft.) in length, with windsock designators.

Contact the Town of Radville at (306) 869-2477

Wawota Airport

Wawota Airport is located two kilometres east of Wawota, Saskatchewan on Highway #48. The airport has one airstrip turf/clay surfaced and 793 metres (2,600 ft.) in length. Windsocks indicate wind direction.

Contact the Town of Wawota at (306) 739-2216

Private Airports

Estevan (Blue Sky) Aerodrome

Estevan (Blue Sky) Aerodrome is located approximately 12 kilometres north of the City of Estevan. The facility consists of two turf surfaced airstrips, one 932 metres (3,057 ft.), the other 454 metres (1,490 ft.). The strips have no markers, but do have a windsock to indicate wind direction. There is one hangar/storage building on-site.

Contact Blue Sky Air at (306) 634-9333

International Airports

Regina International Airport

Convenient national and global airline transport, passenger and freight, is provided through the Regina International Airport. The Regina International Airport is under the jurisdiction of the Regina Airport Authority. The airport operates as the southern Saskatchewan hub serving a trading area of over 500,000 people.

Serviced by major national and regional airlines with connections that offer over 200 direct flights per week to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Denver, Chicago, and Minneapolis and to seasonal sun destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean, Regina International offers modern amenities sought by businesses, and by pleasure seekers.

Air charters and rental firms supply service connections to northern Saskatchewan and smaller regional airports.

Airlines offering service in/out of Regina include:

Flights on these airlines can be arranged by visiting the Regina International Airport website. Arrival and departure times can also be checked at the website.

The airport is located seven kilometres south west of city center. It comprises 526.1 hectares of land with excellent ground access to major highways, rail and truck services.

The airports major markets and destinations include: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Montreal, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, and Honolulu.

In 2009 the facility handled 67,500 planes, 1,022,042 passengers (888,458 – Domestic / 83,433 – Trans-border/ 50,151 – Charter), and 8,500 tons of cargo. The airport activities contribute $220 million annually in direct economic output and direct employment for 985 persons.

Terminal Services include: Gift shop, newsstand, duty free store, restaurant/lounge (including post-security services), specialty arts and crafts, six car rental companies, Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, automated banking machines, lockers, lottery, free wireless Internet service.

Airside Services: Ground handlers, de-icing, aircraft cleaning and parking, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, hangar space, flying schools, executive pilot club and lounge, 24-hour maintenance, avionics, and fuelling services, flight kitchen, lavatory and water services.

Airport Particulars

  • Runways
    13/31 – 7900 X 150 ft. (2407 metres) – asphalt / concrete
    08/26 – 6200 X 150 ft. (1890 metres) – asphalt / concrete
  • Category 1 ILS Runway 13
  • 4 Aprons – 7 Taxiways
  • Latitude: 50o- 25′ – 55″ North
  • Longitude: 104o – 39′ – 57″ West
  • Elevation: 1,894′ (577.29 metres) Above Sea Level
  • 9 Operational Stands – 7 Passenger Loading Bridges
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) – Category 6 – 20 hours per day
  • 24 Hour Unrestricted Operations

Contact Information

Regina Airport Authority
#1 – 5201 Regina Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4W 1B3
Telephone: (306) 761-7555
Facsimile: (306) 761-7571

Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Located 462 kilometres north east of Estevan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and 10 kilometres north east of the city centre, the airport is Saskatchewan’s second international airport. The airport is operated by the Saskatoon Airport Authority (SAA) since 1999. Since taking over operations the SAA has spearheaded major improvements to the runways, terminals, facilities and amenities at the airport.

In 2007 more than one million passengers used the airport. Today it has the capacity to handle 1.4 million people annually. In 2009 the airport witnessed 1,157,393 passengers and handled 93,413 aircraft movements.

The airport handles scheduled service to most major Canadian, U.S. and international destinations through airline hubs in Minneapolis/St.Paul, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Denver, Chicago and Las Vegas. The airport also offers seasonal charter service to popular international sunspot destinations and northern Saskatchewan hunting and fishing destinations. Destinations include:

Non-stop service to:

  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Winnipeg
  • Regina
  • Prince Albert
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver
  • Buffalo Narrows
  • Minneapolis
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas (seasonal)

One-stop, same-plane service to:

  • Montreal
  • Prince George
  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Fort McMurray
  • La Ronge
  • Wollaston Lake
  • Stony Rapids / Black Lake
  • Fond du Lac
  • Points North Landing

The airlines that handle these flights include:

Scheduled Air Carriers

  • Air Canada
  • Delta (Northwest) Airlines
  • Pronto Airways
  • Transwest Air
  • United Airlines Canada
  • West Wind Aviation Express Air Club
  • West Wind Aviation Inc.
  • WestJet

Charter Air Carriers

  • Air Transat
  • Transwest Air
  • West Wind Aviation
  • SunWing

For flight and booking information on any of these airlines, arrival and departure times, visit the Saskatoon Airport Authority’s sitemap page here.

Terminal Services include – customs services, retail shops and restaurants, ground transportation by taxi, hotel bus service, five car rental agencies, and elite passenger lounge services.

Airside Services: Ground handlers, de-icing, aircraft cleaning and parking, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, hangar space, flying schools, executive pilot club and lounge, 24-hour maintenance, avionics, and fuelling services, flight kitchen, lavatory and water services. 



  • Runways
    09/27 8,300 x 150 ft. (2,530 metres) –  Asphalt|
    15/33 6,200 x 150 ft. (1,890 metres) – Asphalt
  • 8 aprons and 11 taxiways
  • Latitude: 52° 10′ 15″North
  • Longitude: 106° 41′ 59″West
  • Elevation: 1,654 ft.  (504 metres) Above Sea Level
  • 6 aircraft loading bridges, 4 aircraft ground loading positions
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) – Category 6 – 17.5 hours per day
  • 18 Hour Unrestricted Operations


Saskatoon Airport Authority Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 0800hrs to 1600hrs
Airport Terminal Hours of Operation:
24 hours – seven days a week 

Suite 1 – 2625 Airport Drive
Saskatoon, SK   S7L 7L1
(Public Inquiries) (306) 975-8900
(Administration) (306) 975-4274

United States Airports Servicing Southeast Saskatchewan


Minot International Airport

Minot International Airport is City owned and operated. Located in Minot, North Dakota two hours, or 203 kilometres, from Estevan, Saskatchewan, the airport is fully serviced with ground maintenance and 24 hour a day air support. Delta Airlines and United Airlines fly regularly scheduled flights in and out of Minot serving individual and business needs.  The following services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:


  • Shuttle Bus Service
  • Wireless Internet
    • Courtesy Cars
    • US Customs
      • Long Term Parking
      • Quiet Room
        • Plug In’s
        • Coffee/Ice & Fax
          • De-Icing
          • Computer Weather
            • Re-fueling
            • Aircraft Heating
              • Hangars

Airport Particulars

  • Runways
    13-31: 7,700 x 150 ft. (2,347 metres) – asphalt/concrete
    8-26: 6,350’ x 150 ft.(1,936 metres) – asphalt/concrete
  • 1 Apron – 11 Taxiways
  • Latitude: 48° 15.56’
  • Longitude: 101° 16.82’
  • Elevation: 1716 ft. (523 metres)
  • Pilot controlled high intensity runway lights
  • Taxi lights medium intensity and reflectorized

Contact Information

Minot International Airport
Andrew Solsvig, Airport Director
Suite 10 – 25 Airport Road
Minot, North Dakota, USA, 58703
Telephone: 701 857-4724

Bismark Airport

The Bismark airport, located in Bismark, North Dakota, 307 kilometres or a three hour drive from Estevan, Saskatchewan is a convenient point of arrival and departure for many individuals in south east Saskatchewan.  Complete will a full range of amenities, the Bismark airport caters to both businesses and pleasure travellers.  The airport is serviced by Delta Airlines and United Airlines operate regularly scheduled flights into and out of Bismark.  Nonstop service is provided to Minneapolis, Denver, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

The range of amenities and services at the airport include:

  • Taxi Services
  • Wireless Internet
    • Rental Cars
    • Conference Room Rentals
      • Convenient Short-Term Parking
      • Concessions/Cafes
        • Long Term Parking
        • Convenience Store
          • De-Icing
          • Games Room
            • Re-fueling
            • Aircraft Heating
              • Hangars


Airport Particulars

  • Runways
    13-31: 8,794 x 150 ft. (2,680 x 46 metres)– grooved asphalt
    6,600 x 100 ft. (2,012 x 30 metres) – grooved asphalt
  • 1 Apron – 13 Taxiways
  • Latitude:  46o – 47.037158 North
  • Longitude:  100o – 45.707187 West
  • Elevation: 1,655 ft. (523 metres)
  • 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system
  • Runway end identifier lights

Contact Information

Bismarck Airport
Gregory B. Haug, Airport Manager
PO Box 991
2301 University Drive Bldg 17
Bismarck, North Dakota 58502
Telephone: 701-355-1808