General Overview of The Region

Southeast Saskatchewan – There’s Nowhere Else to Be

The southeast region of Saskatchewan covers an area of about 28,800 square kilometres. Within the region, there are the cities of Estevan and Weyburn, as well as 14 towns, 32 villages, 3 First Nations and 35 Rural Municipalities, offering the best in both urban and country living.  There is a strong sense of community in south east Saskatchewan, where children can grow up in safety and newcomers are welcomed into the social fabric of community life.

According to Sun Country Health Region statistics, the regional population is around 56,650.  Many people in the region are long time residents whose families have lived in the area for generations.  Nevertheless, in more recent years, families and individuals from across Canada and other countries have chosen to relocate to south east Saskatchewan, creating an extraordinary group of exceptional individuals.

South east Saskatchewan has beautiful landscapes – from the rolling prairie hills and grass lands with a wide variety of flora and fauna to the scenic Souris River Valley and flowing grain fields. Recreation opportunities abound, whether it be waterskiing and fishing, exploring the wooded trails on foot, bike, horseback, snowmobile or cross country skis, attending live theatre and visiting local museums, sailing down waterslides and playing a round of golf, or just enjoying a backyard barbecue with family and friends.

South east Saskatchewan, with a variety of industry, is experiencing an economic boom like never before, while still being able to provide the high quality of life residents have come to know and enjoy.  Ken King, owner of the newly expanded King’s Department Store located in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, says, “The economy in south east Saskatchewan is extremely strong – stronger than any time in our 34 years of business. The blend of agriculture, mining, tourism and the oil patch has created a stable, diversified economy.  The area provides a great lifestyle for our staff and families as well. I would challenge anyone to find an area where you could achieve a better return on an investment in business while at the same time be home for lunch in less than four minutes.”

The land is indeed rich in resources; able to sustain a variety of crops and livestock, yielding coal for power generation, discharging oil and gas in abundance and enticing tourists with natural attractions and other amusements.  On account of this, jobs are available in abundance, with rewarding positions open in every industry, many of which are considerably lucrative.  Opportunities are plentiful, whether it be advancing positions within a company, or starting up a personal business.

Shannon Houff, owner of the newly expanded Front Porch Interiors located in Wawota, Saskatchewan, says, “The area is really thriving and with such diverse industries at our fingertips, south east Saskatchewan will be the place to be for many years in the future.  It’s like we are standing in front of a huge opportunity and all we have to do is take a jump across a small puddle and the possibilities are endless.  There are not a lot of places in the world with this much opportunity and this much potential, so it’s thrilling to be right here, right now.”

No matter the person, be it family man or successful business person, nature lover or city girl, young adult or retiree, there is something for everyone in south east Saskatchewan.  Each person is invited to experience the area’s strong economy and high quality of life. Come discover what many have rightly labelled “the best place in the world!”