The south east Saskatchewan region boasts a complement of transportation options: local, regional and national trucking companies, regional and national bus service, passenger and freight rail service with connections throughout Canada and North America, and regional and international airports with associated businesses and amenities. This access to a well-balanced selection of transportation gives southeast Saskatchewan a competitive advantage when it comes to meeting the needs of businesses and individuals in the region.

The Saskatchewan south east region features a high-quality highway system integrated north, south, east and west with twelve well-maintained primary weight highways and numerous secondary roads and a well-serviced grid-road system. Highways in the south east are utilized everyday by business and pleasure travellers.

There is three-day trucking service to and from Montreal, Toronto, and the eastern seaboard, two-day service to and from Vancouver and Chicago, and overnight service from Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Minneapolis to most parts of the Saskatchewan southeast.

Accessible and efficient border crossings into the United States of America also make the transport of goods to the U.S. markets attractive for many businesses in the region. In 2009, according to the Saskatchewan Department of Highways, there were 585,866 border crossings through the seven ports. 345,568 of these crossings were passenger vehicles, 240,298 were commercial traffic.

Twelve Highway Transportation Planning Committees established in Saskatchewan advance policy and directives for the development and maintenance of highways, bridges and infrastructure within a set jurisdiction. The committees often lobby the Saskatchewan government for improvements of highways. Two Transportation Planning Committees operate within southeast Saskatchewan.

East Central Area Transportation Planning Committee (ECATPC) – covers a blocked area in southeast Saskatchewan from the southeast corner of the province in the Rural Municipality of Gainsborough #1 to the northwest and Rural Municipality of Weyburn #66, including the Rural Municipality of Kipling #124.

Contact: Gary Kayter, Chairperson
Box 280
Dysart, SK S0G 1H0
Telephone: (306) 432-2141
Facsimile: (306) 432-2265

Central Area Transportation Planning Committee (CATPC) – covers the west end of the southeast Saskatchewan region in a block that runs from the Rural Municipality of Cambria #7 in the southeast to the Rural Municipality of Scott #98.

Contact: Larry Sommerfeld, Chairperson
Box 117
Allan, SK S0K 0C0
Telephone: (306) 257-3521
Facsimile: (306) 257-3913