Quality of Life in Southeast Saskatchewan

Quality of life can be measured by taking into consideration indicators like wealth and employment, physical and mental health, education, recreation and leisure time, personal safety and social belonging. If measured by these standards, it can be conclusively said that the quality of life in southeast Saskatchewan is exceptional.

The general wealth of the southeast region Saskatchewan, brought upon by the diversity of industry, means that the economy is quite stable. Cost of living is affordable. Jobs are readily available for any person willing and able to work; and for the most part, rate of pay is relatively high. Individuals find satisfaction in the opportunities available in southeast Saskatchewan to advance their careers and participate in profession development and training.

The general health of the southeast region, aided by the high number of health care facilities and programs, is noteworthy. Using a ‘self-rated health status’ as a predictor of real health status, an indicator accepted worldwide, over 50% of individuals in southeast Saskatchewan rated their overall health as “very good or excellent.” This high percentage is in part because of the key role communities in southeast Saskatchewan are playing in supporting residents by keeping their communities thriving and providing health assistance programs.

Another indicator of high quality of life in southeast Saskatchewan is the amount of education offered to residents. From pre-schools to university studies, education is readily available in the southeast. Most grade-schools are within walking distance from resident’s homes. Larger communities, like Weyburn and Estevan, offer families several schools to choose from in which to enrol their children.

The diversity of recreation available to residents year-round in southeast Saskatchewan is enormous. Because the area is quite affluent, many residents own and enjoy recreational vehicles, such as boats, ski-doos and all-terrain-vehicles. Motorcycle riding is also prominent in the region. More affordable recreation, like swimming, horse-back riding, live theatre, walking trails and the like is widely available. Museums and regional parks are prevalent. The southeast region also boasts two provincial parks, including a provincial historic park. Residents also enjoy a variety of sports, from hockey and curling in the winter, to golf, baseball and soccer in the summer. Several communities in southeast Saskatchewan have a vibrant night-life, as can be seen by the success of community pubs, movie theatres and live entertainment.

One of the attractive features of communities in southeast Saskatchewan is the level of safety. Residents young and old can enjoy the freedom of an evening walk, a romp in the park or similar activities without fear for their personal safety. Unlike large cities, serious crimes are very rare in southeast Saskatchewan.

Possibly the most important key indicator of quality of life is social belonging. In the southeast region, the larger urban centres have all the amenities of a city, while providing residents with a small-town feel. Residents take pride in their communities, and commitment to community organizations and clubs is strong. Individuals in the southeast are devoted to religious activities as well, as can be seen by the large number of churches in the area. The southeast region is also very accepting to new individuals, whether they are from out-of-province or out-of-country. The diversity of cultures without prejudice is remarkable, showing that everyone in the southeast can enjoy happy, peacefully living conditions.

Residents in the southeast are generally content, social people. Quality of life is high, as can be seen by the indicators discussed above. There is nowhere in the world quite like southeast Saskatchewan!