Economic Environment

Economic Environment of South East Saskatchewan

Currently, south east Saskatchewan is enjoying a very robust economic environment as is all of Saskatchewan and most of Canada.  Industries in south east Saskatchewan are expanding and small to medium size businesses are doing well in spite of overall labour shortages.  Many employers are recruiting workers from other parts of Canada and overseas through Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program to address labour needs.  Virtually, anyone who is physically able and wants to work can find a job in south east Saskatchewan!

A Strong Economic Environment

The region is rich in oil, gas and coal deposits, as well as quality farm and ranch land.  Other valuable industries in the region include manufacturing and tourism.  Such diversified industry promotes the healthy economic environment prevalent in the region.

South east Saskatchewan is the premier location for capital investment and business expansion.  In many places with a booming oil industry, multi-national companies see most of the profits.  In the south east however, a large number of local entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity and are building businesses around the oil and gas industry, resulting in greater distribution of wealth within the region.  The entrepreneurial spirit can readily be seen in the south east.

In the southern most part of the region, coal deposits and excellent water resources have enabled the development of two power plants which generate electrical power sources for the entire Province of Saskatchewan.  The two power plants and Sherritt Coal Ltd. provide in excess of 800 jobs in the local area.

South east Saskatchewan is home to an abundance of large scale farming and ranching operations.  With fertile soil and a favourable growing season, farmers can produce a variety of lush crops.  The abundance of land also means there is an abundance of pasture land for livestock.  The region has also seen an increase of specialized livestock operations and producer diversification into the raising of horses, bison, elk, alpaca, sheep, etc.

Businesses manufacturing products, such as short line machinery, transportation and industrial equipment, or crop and food products are common. Opportunity for growth in the manufacturing industry is immense.

Strategically located along the Manitoba and United States of America borders and with access of markets offshore, the south east region of Saskatchewan is busy in export activities.  Agricultural products, oilfield training/technology, farm machinery components to livestock and other agriculture products, are presently the main products being exported.

Tourism is a growing industry in the south east.  With Moose Mountain Provincial Park, beautiful landscapes and wide open vistas, diverse attractions, year round recreation opportunities and easy access to nature, many people visit south east Saskatchewan each year.

With the strong local economy there are many opportunities for employment, residential and commercial construction and development as well as business investment and attraction.  The south east region has considerable opportunity to increase capacity in an already well-established and thriving economy!

South east Saskatchewan is open for business. It’s a great place to live, work and play. If you do not find the information you are looking for on this website, contact Saskatchewan South East Enterprise Region Inc. at (306) 634-6982 or